The Most Complete & Latest iPhone 13 Specifications – Before buying a smartphone unit in either new or used condition, prospective buyers usually first find out information on the specifications of the iPhone for all variants from mini, regular, Pro, to Pro Max. For those of you who are curious and don’t know the latest specifications and prices for the iPhone 13.

Being one of the popular smartphone brands that is getting more judi baccarat online interest and attention makes Apple not stop innovating. This is all proven by the existence of the iPhone 13 of all series in the mobile market, including in Indonesia today.

Adding to the list of iPhone products, this 13 series is much sought after by lovers of Apple products. This flagship product is officially present in Indonesia through iBox on November 19, 2021, but pre-orders have started from November 12, 2021.

Advantages of iPhone 13

Like smartphones in general, every iPhone series comes with various advantages, and the iPhone 13 is no exception. There are various advantages that make this Apple smartphone product the choice that many people have been waiting for. In fact, those who have a budget that is quite impatient looking forward to the experience of using these phones.

Here are some of the advantages of the iPhone 12 of all variants, pro, pro max, and mini that you may not be able to get from the previous iPhone series.

  • 1. Diverse Design and Display

One of the advantages of this latest iPhone series is a wide selection of attractive colors ranging from blue, pink, black, white, to red. That way, potential buyers can adjust their color choices according to their wishes.

When viewed in terms of design, the iPhone 13 is not much different from the iPhone 12, namely the aluminum frame and firm edges. What distinguishes it from its predecessor series is the camera phone which is tilted.

  • 2. Improved Battery Quality

For those of you who feel that the previous iPhone series did not satisfy you for various needs due to battery reasons, then it never hurts to try a new experience with the iPhone 13. This iPhone series is superior on the battery side when compared to the iPhone 12 because it can last 2.5 longer hours.

You can see the increase in battery capacity from the specifications where this phone is equipped with a 3240 mAh battery. In addition, you can also enjoy the 20W fast charging feature which makes it even more comfortable to use this phone from Apple.

  • 3. Performance

Performance is another advantage of the iPhone 13 in all variants including the iPhone 13 mini. Comes with an A15 Bionic processor and 5-core GPU, so you no longer need to doubt the performance of this iOS operating system smartphone. Its users can enjoy using mobile phones with the iOS 15 operating system already installed in it.

  • 4. Camera Quality is More Sophisticated and Stunning

Discussing the iPhone 13 is definitely endless, especially with the various advantages that you can feel when using it. In the camera section which is also an advantage of the latest iPhone series, there are two unique cameras with a diagonal or tilted layout.

The two cameras consist of a 12 MP (wide) main camera and a 12 MP (f/2.4, ultra wide) camera. The wide camera on this smartphone comes with Sensor-shift OIS technology which was previously introduced in the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

With the camera on the iPhone 13, you can shoot HDR videos with Dolby Vision at up to 60 fps. Apart from that, you can also take portraits using the night mode supported by the LiDAR scanner.

  • 5. MagSafe for Easier Charging

Most of you probably already know what Magsafe is, a circulating magnet product that functions as wireless charging on smartphones. When compared to other products, magsafe is one of the most sophisticated charging devices. Besides being faster, wireless charging is also practical because you can hold it while charging your phone.

  • 6. Ceramic Shield for Screen Tough

The phone screen is one of the most vulnerable and sensitive components. Therefore, you must be careful in using your favorite smartphone so that the screen is not easily damaged. For screen protection, Apple began to innovate as evidenced by the use of ceramic shields. The screen has been around since the release of the iPhone 12.

Ceramic shield is a layer of ceramic glass made by the Gorilla Glass company, Corning, in collaboration with Apple. The protection itself is made of tougher nano-ceramic crystals.

Apple’s claim is that the ceramic shield is lightweight, tough, and impermeable to electricity. Therefore, the screen protection becomes stronger and anti-scratch.

With these various advantages, it is very reasonable that the iPhone 13 is priced at a price that is quite draining the contents of the pocket but can be reached by various groups.

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